Monday, 24 February 2014

Softball tournament

On Wednesday the 23 of February, two teams from our school travelled to the Auckland War Memorial grounds to represent our school in the Auckland Interzone Softball Tournament. 

The day was fine, partly cloudy with rain due to fall in the afternoon but that did not stop the excitement and anticipation of players from all schools. The weather was perfect to spend the day outdoors.

When we arrived, the field was like a rainbow of colours with different schools setting up their equipment and doing some last minute training. We quickly found ourselves a spot and put our gear down. We then decided to practice our throwing and fielding skills and joined the others schools on the field. 

Our two teams were a mixed Year 6 team and also a mixed Year 7&8 team. Our supervising teachers were Mrs Tofa and Miss Maruariki. The Year 7&8 team played three games. They lost the game against Glen Innes Primary and Sylvia Park School and won their game against St Patrick's School. The Year 6 team won all three pool games and had to play against Tamaki Primary in the semi finals which they won too. The final game was played between Glenbrae School and Pt England school. Pt England school won that match by three home runs and we had to settle for 2nd place. 

Congratulations to the Year 6 team for their success at the tournament and well done to all the students who represented our school at the softball tournament.